Ra1nbox - The portable checkra1n jailbreak solution


The portable checkra1n jailbreak solution

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Want to jailbreak on-the-go? Now you can!

Ever wanted to jailbreak on-the-go without a PC, while out camping in the middle of nowhere? Or when riding the bus to work?
With checkra1n you're stuck to a computer to be able to jailbreak. But using this solution, you can take a tiny computer with you to jailbreak wherever you are. Even when somewhere remote, you'd only need a powerbank or other USB type power supply.

Using a NanoPi Neo2 single-board computer chip, a display and an aluminum case with 3 brass buttons loaded with this software combined with the checkra1n software, you can jailbreak anywhere. The Ra1nbox software powers the display and takes care of the checkra1n part of the software.
This makes this an all-in-one on-the-go type solution.

More information on Reddit

Build yourself

In order to build this yourself, you need to buy all the parts on the parts list. Once you have everything, head over to the installation instructions.

Parts list

Below are the parts needed to build your own Ra1nbox:

Item Price Supplier / Link Notes
NanoPi Neo2 - starter kit

Includes all needed items:
- NanoHat OLED
- NanoPi metal case + heatsink + foot pads
- Thermal pads
- Micro SD Card 16GB
- Micro-USB cable
€55,00 Aliexpress supplier #1

Aliexpress supplier #2

Aliexpress supplier #3

Aliexpress supplier #4
(Black version)

Aliexpress supplier #5
(Black version)

(Black version)

512MB or 1GB?
The 1GB ram version is actually the "NanoPi Neo2 Black", see below. There is no performance increase between 512MB < - > 1GB.

NanoPi Neo2 Black:
The "black" version comes with 1GB of ram, has an added eMMC memory chip and the color of the PCB is BLACK instead of green. This board has been tested and is supported as well.

NanoPi Neo2-LTS:
"NanoPi Neo2" is also known as "NanoPi Neo2-LTS" (LTS = Long Term Support), both are the same and thus supported.

NanoPi Neo:
The "NanoPi Neo (1)" is not supported.
NanoPi Neo2 €25,00 See above notes and links
NanoHat OLED €10,00 Aliexpress supplier #1 See above notes and links
NanoPi metal case + heatsink + foot pads €? See above notes and links
Thermal pads €2 Aliexpress supplier #1

Cheap local supplier is advised
Micro SD Card 16GB €10 Cheap local supplier is advised 16GB or higher, class 10 recommended
Micro-USB cable €5 Cheap local supplier is advised

Prices exclude shipping

Installation instructions

Follow these instructions to setup your Ra1nbox using Windows, MacOS or a Linux computer. A computer is needed one-time only for the setup. After that, you don't need a PC anymore.

Recommended software for Windows:
Recommended software for MacOS/Linux:
  • Builtin Terminal for SSH connection
  • balenaEtcher for SD card writing

  1. Download Armbian - Buster minimal
    (bottom of the page)
  2. Extract and flash image to SD card
    Use Etcher / PiFiller or any other program you can find using Google
  3. Put the SD card in your NanoPi Neo2 device, find the IP address of your device and connect with SSH
    ssh [email protected]
    Note: The screen will stay black until you've reached the last step in this tutorial!
    Problem: If the device never gets an IP address and both lights under the ethernet port both light up continuously, read the FAQ!

    Log in in with username root and default password 1234, after logging in change the password to ra1nbox

    When being asked to provide a username after changing the default root password, please enter ra1nbox as username and ra1nbox as password.

    Press enter several times when Armbian starts to behave like your overly attached girlfriend and asks you silly questions like "What is your room number" ;-) Just leave it blank/default and do not answer it! (protip: don't do that with your actual girlfriend though)

  4. Update / Upgrade
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get upgrade
  5. Install i2c tools, GIT, pillow, smbus, pip and armbian-config
    sudo apt-get install i2c-tools git vim armbian-config python3-dev python3-pil python3-smbus python3-pip python3-serial
  6. Turn on I2C module loading
    sudo armbian-config
    Menu System > Hardware > enable i2c0
    Save and reboot
  7. Login using username root and password ra1nbox
    ssh [email protected]
  8. See if i2c works and check if output is i2c-0
    sudo i2cdetect -l

    If you don't see i2c-0 as output, you've fucked something up. Go back and try above steps again :)

  9. Install needed libraries
    sudo pip3 install --upgrade setuptools
    sudo pip3 install sh
    sudo pip3 install psutil
  10. Install checkra1n dependancies
    sudo apt install libc6 libncurses5 libpango-1.0-0 libpangocairo-1.0-0 libpangoft2-1.0-0 libatk1.0-0 libgdk-pixbuf2.0-0 libglib2.0-0 libfontconfig1 libfreetype6 libgtk-3-0 libusb-1.0-0 libplist3 usbmuxd ideviceinstaller python-imobiledevice libimobiledevice-utils python-plist ifuse libusbmuxd-tools
  11. Create a new file by editing /usr/local/bin/oled-start
    vim /usr/local/bin/oled-start

    Then paste all of below contents

    if [ -f "$FILE" ]; then
        # Unzip update to Ra1nbox folder and force overwrite existing files
        unzip -o $FILE -d /home/ra1nbox/ra1nbox
        # Remove update file
        rm -f $FILE
    # Start Ra1nbox software
    cd /home/ra1nbox/ra1nbox
  12. Add yourself to the root group and correct rights on oled-start to be sure
    usermod -a ra1nbox -G root
    chmod 755 /usr/local/bin/oled-start
  13. Add to rc.local file to make sure everything auto-starts at boot
    sed -i -e '$i \/usr/local/bin/oled-start\n' /etc/rc.local
  14. Download the latest version of the Ra1nbox software to your NanoPi Neo 2
    mkdir /home/ra1nbox/ra1nbox
    wget https://updates.ra1nbox.com/download -O /home/ra1nbox/ra1nbox/update.zip

    If you get a connection error, 403 forbidden or anything related to that. Please manually download the latest update and upload it manually by using SFTP to directory "/home/ra1nbox/ra1nbox/".

  15. Reboot Ra1nbox and you should be ready to go!
    sudo reboot

    Note: first boot time is about 1 to 2 minutes! After that it shouldn't be more than 30 seconds. If you don't see the Ra1nbox logo after about 2 minutes or the screen doesn't function correctly, please read the FAQ.

Thank you so much for using Ra1nbox!
Hopefully you've got a fully working Ra1nbox device now thanks to my software, checkra1n software and written and/or video instructions made by me.

As a thank you, please buy me a beer or consider a small donation
>>>>>>>>>> Thanks once again! <<<<<<<<<<

Buy me a beer!

Buy me a beer

Installation service

If you don't have the experience working with Linux, NanoPi or technical stuff in general or rather would like to have a plug-and-play solution, this is the best option for you.


What you will be paying for:
- I will buy all the parts required for Ra1nbox to work
- The metal case will be assembled by me
- Linux Raspbian OS will be installed and configured
- All the connections to the display will be setup
- All the required software will be installed and configured
- Shipping a ready-to-go Jailbreak device to your doorstep
- No PC needed!

Not included:
- Micro-USB cable
- Lightning cable
- iPhone :)


  • What do the menu options do?
    • Verbose mode
      Boot the iPhone into verbose boot mode using checkra1n
    • Safe mode
      Jailbroken, but prevents tweaks from loading
    • Auto shutdown
      After jailbreaking, auto shutdown the Ra1nbox. Otherwise return home. Turn this option off if you want to jailbreak multiple devices
    • System info
      Shows Ra1nbox version, checkra1n version, CPU load, CPU temperature, IP address
    • Check for updates
      See the Updates section

  • The Ra1nbox hangs during the jailbreak process!
    Can't do much about that since checkra1n is still in beta. But in order to safely shutdown, 'force quit' option was added in Ra1nbox version 1.1:
    During the checkra1n process, remove the lightning cable and then press F3 3x times to force quit checkra1n and go back to the main menu. Be sure to restart the Ra1nbox before trying a new jailbreak attempt!

  • My screen stays black after updating
    Make sure you've added the ra1nbox user to the root group, then restart the ra1nbox:
    usermod -a ra1nbox -G root
  • System info says "Checkra1n rights error! Please read FAQ on site"
    This means the checkra1n file can't be read. This can be because you manually updated the file and gave the wrong permissions. Or because you've missed a step during the initial setup.
    You can fix the error by changing the rights to /home/ra1nbox/ra1nbox/checkra1n. Either by using SFTP or through SSH which below command:
    chmod 777 /home/ra1nbox/ra1nbox/checkra1n
  • The display doesn't work or doesn't work correctly
    You probably missed one of the commands. First thing to do is to run the history command:
    Using this command, you can see which commands you've run before. And thus make sure you've followed every step. If you're sure, also check the output of the /usr/local/bin/oled-start file is the same as in the instructions above, step #11:
    cat /usr/local/bin/oled-start
    If the output you get here is not the same as in step #11. Run step #11 again, either editing the file or removing (rm /usr/local/bin/oled-start) the file first. If the display still doesn't work, run command #12 again to make sure you have the correct rights.
    If after all of those steps, the display still doesn't work. It's best to start over from step #1. Make sure you follow all instuctions exactly like it's being shown in the video tutorial.

  • After the jailbreaking starts, the display/jailbreak stays in a loop (and optionally reboots iPhone into normal mode)
    Try different cable

  • I'm stuck at step #3, the device never gets an IP address and both lights under the ethernet port both light up continuously
    I have some bad new for you. You either got scammed or you just simply bought the wrong product. The NanoPi Neo (1) looks exactly the same as the NanoPi Neo 2. Some sellers on Aliexpress even sell the NanoPi Neo 1 as the Neo 2 because they want to get rid of old stock or something like that. It happend to me. And it happend to several other people who messaged me on here.

    You 99% sure have the NanoPi Neo 1 while you actually need to have the NanoPi Neo 2. To verify this, open up the NanoPi. On the bottom of the second board (so not on the bottom of the first board, which is only an OLED) it should state "H5" meaning it's the 64bit SOC. If it says "H3", you got a 32bit SOC and 100% have a NanoPi Neo 1. Only the NanoPi Neo 2 is supported.

    Good news is the case + OLED are both compatible with both Neo1 and Neo2. Meaning you only need to buy a new NanoPi Neo2 board (without attachments) and swap the board out to make everything work.

  • My Ra1nbox worked perfectly before, but the screen stays black (or only shows ra1nbox logo) no matter how long I wait (but the red light on the back works)
    This means you didn't use the 'Safe shutdown' menu and probably pulled the USB power cable out of the back of the Ra1nbox at a certain point. This would be the equivalent of pulling the power cable from a running PC instead of safely shutting it down. Meaning the SD card is now corrupt. Even if you think you didn't do this, then probably the USB power supply stopped supply power midway or something else happend to the power which in the end corrupted your SD card. Or... your SD card sucks.

    There are 2 options to fix this:
    Option 1a. Connect the Ra1nbox to an ethernet cable. Find the IP and connect using SSH (so basically step #3 from above instructions). Then run this command to restore all files:
    wget https://updates.ra1nbox.com/download -O /home/ra1nbox/ra1nbox/update.zip
    And reboot the Ra1nbox to see if this fixed the issue:
     sudo reboot
    Option 1b. If '1a' didn't fix the issue, you need to rebuild the SD card completly, starting again from step #1.

    Option 2. Anther option would be to contact me for a replacement SD card for a small fee. I'll send you an SD card by mail.


The idea is that if checkra1n comes with an update, I'll provide an updated package for all Ra1nbox users.
This makes updating the Ra1nbox really easy:

  1. Connect the Ra1nbox to an ethernet cable
  2. Go to the Options menu and then select Check for updates
  3. If an update is available, it's shown on the screen including a small changelog. Select Yes to auto-update on the next reboot or No to cancel
  • 2.0 - Added recovery mode (12 July 2020)

    Big update thanks to @MiscMisty. This adds the 'most wanted feature': Recovery Mode!
    This means you can now Jailbreak using 2 methods: original 'Normal mode > DFU mode > Jailbroken' or 'Normal mode > Recovery mode > DFU mode > Jailbroken'. Both methods are now supported.
    This update also includes a lot of code improvements making the software more stable and use less resources.

    Note: after updating, the Ra1nbox will reboot to install system updates. Please do not unplug the power and WAIT until you see the "Make it ra1n" screen!

  • 1.3 - Updated checkra1n to 0.10.2 (24 May 2020)

    Updated checkra1n to 0.10.2 which added iOS/iPadOS 13.5 support.

  • 1.2 - Updated checkra1n to 0.10.1 (9 April 2020)

    Updated checkra1n to 0.10.1 which added 13.4 and 13.4.1 support.
    Also some users reported issues when manually updating. Increased the error logging in the 'Options > System info' menu which will now tell you if your checkra1n file has incorrect rights.

  • 1.1 - Added option to force quit checkra1n (4 March 2020)

    Some users reported that sometimes the jailbreak process hangs for whatever reason. This makes the Options and Safe-exit menu unavailable. The only way to shut down was to remove the power cable, meaning the SD card could be corrupted.
    To use the force quit mode: remove the lightning cable and press F3 3x times during the checkra1n process. The Ra1nbox will restart to the main screen so you can now safely shutdown. In order to jailbreak again, a minimum of 1 reboot is required after using the force shutdown function!

  • 1.0 - Initial release
    Based on checkra1n 0.9.8
Manual update/downgrade:

If you want to manually upgrade or downgrade for whatever reason, follow these instructions:

  • Download checkra1n arm64 version from the checkra1n website
  • Connect to your Ra1nbox using either SFTP or WGET method listed below:
  • SFTP (easiest method): Use an FTP client like Filezilla and connect using SFTP method with above credentials
  • WGET: Make a SSH connection using Terminal on MacOS or for example Putty on Windows
  • Browse to the /home/ra1nbox/ra1nbox folder and replace the existing checkra1n file
  • Set rights to chmod 777 to make sure both regular and root user can read the file. Either using SFTP or SSH (see FAQ)

Known issues

  • iPhone X requires verbose mode to be set in order to successfully jailbreak. This is a known checkra1n issue.
  • Touchscreen does not work on some occasions ("swipe up to unlock" etc.). Restart phone in normal mode and re-jailbreak.


Got any questions related to the Ra1nbox project? Contact me using one of the methods below.
Note: I do not provide first line of support. In other words; ask the community for help. If you really can't figure out the solution, contact me so I can see how/if I can help.


You are free to alter my software as long as you refer to this website as the original source. Do not redistribute and/or sell my software without written consent.
For business inquiries or to discuss the possibility to distribute and/or sell my software as a reseller, contact me using the methods below.
You are free to publish Ra1nbox related images on your website without changing anything as long as you refer to this website as the original source. Other than changing the image(s) dimensions, do not add, alter or in any other way change the image(s).